Judge To Decide Soon If Coleman Graves Will Be Moved

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COLUMBIA, IL (KTVI)-- A battle over the final resting place for Sheri Coleman and her two sons may come to an end next month.

Sheri Coleman and her sons Gavin and Garret were strangled in May 2009.

The husband and father Chris had the victims buried in his home of Chester, Illinois.

He was later convicted of murdering them.  Sheri`s family wants the bodies moved to a cemetery near them near Chicago.

That almost happened last year but Chris Coleman’s parents got a court order to stop it.

It languished in the courts until Tuesday.  Now a judge says he`ll hold a hearing on the matter next month to determine where Sheri and her sons should rest in peace.

He says the law is clear: Coleman and his heirs have no rights to the victims. A judge will decide this November 5th.

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