Jaco – Debate “Town Hall People” Are Either Idiots Or Liars

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - So, Tuesday is presidential debate round two. In case you haven't noticed, the president's poll numbers have been dropping like a Chris Carpenter curve ball ever since Obama had a miserable performance in the first presidential debate. A new national survey from the folks at Public Policy Polling show Mitt Romney ahead of the president nationwide,50 TO 46. So Tuesday's debate is vital for Obama.

A couple of things to note. Number one; tonight's debate is a town hall format at Hofstra University in suburban New York. THis format could be a problem for Romney since he's never done a town hall that wasn't a campaign event packed with friendly republicans. But this format's an odd one. In that questions will be asked by undecided voters selected to participate.

In my mind, that means that the people selected to ask questions are either idiots or liars. Idiots in that anyone who's undecided at this point probably hasn't been paying attention; possibly couldn't even name both candidates and definately hasn't been paying attention. Undecided? Really? Who in the name of death panels and greedy corporations is still undecided?

And liars. In that most of these people probably have already made up their minds a long time ago for whom they're voting.  They likely lied to the survey takers so they can pop up on national TV like a Whack-A-Mole and ask either Romney or Obama a question. I may be wrong; but i'll bet one of the questions ends up being about legallizing marijuanA. Just call my a cynic.

I'd like to see the two candidates in a different format. Two of them and a journalist sitting at a table. No debate format. No time limits. Plenty of follow up questions. The candidates encouraged to jump in, interrupt the other guy, and dispute a point. That's what we in the real world call a conversation. Too bad neither campaign would ever agree to it.

I'm Charles Jaco and that's Jacology.