Security Preps Underway At Busch Stadium For NLCS

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR)-- The F.B.I., police, fire and other agencies have been making to plans to make sure playoff baseball in St. Louis goes on without any problems.  Officials said there are no known threats against St. Louis still in this age of terrorism they want to be prepared during the NLCS games at Busch Stadium.

A number of organizations including the feds met at the city’s emergency operation center Monday morning.  Sam Dotson, the city Director of Operations said the F.B.I. has designated the NLCS as a special event.   Dotson added, “In that terminology they will have agents on site and be coordinating with local law enforcement.”

Police will stage bomb and arson equipment nearby the stadium, ready at a moment’s notice.  Dotson said fire and health experts will use special devices to sample the air around the ballpark, “What they’re looking for are suspicious agents, things in the air, things like that.”   One fan outside Busch liked the extra security, she said, “I think it’s important because you wouldn’t want to take your family and feel  like your’re not safe.”

Cardinal fans going t the game should not notice any differences.  It should be similar to attending a regular season game but Cardinals’ spokesman Ron Watermon said that could change, “If we had someone that had Secret Service protection that was going to be in the ballpark then things might change.”

Meanwhile, crews were busy making the city shine, cleaning streets, polishing things up, making sure signal lights work and everything is beautiful for when St. Louis is featured on the national stage.  Dotson said, “Making sure the fan experience at the baseball game is perfect.”

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