Redbird Rituals & Superstitions

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) -  Bill Greenblatt has spent this season in the Cardinals dugout.  So he knows about Redbird rituals and superstitions.

"Joking before the game, dancing.   They all have their little  dugout routine led by Adam Wainwright and he kind of greets everybody and uh, it's been light all year." said Cardinals Photographer Bill Greenblatt.

Greenblatt's got a World Series ring from last year's championship season. He's a photographer for the team so he's heard about long sock Sundays.  But players arent' the only ones with weird rules when it comes to gametime.

"We have 50 TV's and two large big screens.  We don't watch the games.  We watch the tables.  We watch the kitchen to keep our brain off the game, which is probably what we should be doing anyway.  But we know anytime we stop and get into it, it goes the other way." said bar owner Patrick Hanon.

At Patrick's restaurant, the former Pujol's Five, fans are usually focused on the ballgame.  Or you could avert your eyes, find out the score and then watch it on tape like this guy.

"Last game we played against the Nationals, I probably would have been having several heartattacks during the game if I didn't already know we'd won." said Cardinals' fan David Coblitz.

Last season, manager Tony LaRussa would write his lineups in pencil till the team lost, then he'd try cursive.   The Rally Squirrel and happy flights also helped our hometown heroes. Enough so that they were etched into the World Series rings, which Greenblatt wears proudly.

Take it from him while watching the Telly. Especially those baseball beverages the players drink in the dugout.

"There'll be Gatorade and water and if they lose they'll switch it where the Gatorade will be on that side and the water will be on that side." said Cardinals Photographer Bill Greenblatt.

Don't knock it.  It might just lead to a trip back to the World Series.   

Patrick Clark, News 11.

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