Cards Offer A “Thumbs Up” For Kid With Cancer

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(KPLR) – There are signs the Cardinals have taken "Thumbs up for Lane" campaign on the road with them. It's become a Facebook phenomenon;  an effort to raise childhood cancer awareness, in the name of Cardinal "superfan", Lane Goodwin, 13, of Kentucky.  

The 'Prayers for Lane Goodwin Facebook page had nearly 298,000 'likes': as of Monday night.

 His mother's posts on the page deeply moved a Cardinal fan here.

He took photos of fans with 'thumbs up' posters during round 1 of the playoffs; then took a road trip to deliver the pictures.

'It hit every single emotion inside my body,' Shawn Kohrs of St. Charles, said of a Facebook posting from Lane`s mom.    'I couldn`t just sit there and not do something.'

So, Shawn Kohrs and Andrew Brooks painted up Shawn`s truck with images of Fredbird, Lane`s name, yellow ribbons and more, and hit the road to meet Lane`s family at their home in Beech Grove, KY.

Even the 4-plus hour ride was life-changing; like when they passed an old trucker.

'Man, we were getting people thumbs upping us all the way down...thumbs up, thumbs up, thumbs up.  Then he did a prayer, [the trucker] did the Christian [sign of the] cross on his chest and on his forehead.  You knew at that moment that old man said a prayer, as he was driving, for a boy that he probably didn`t even know.  It was amazing,' Kohrs said.  

The truck and the trip, blew the Goodwins away.

'Oh, it is pretty neat.  We were just in awe of it,' said Angie Watkins-Goodwin, Lane`s mom.

They also couldn`t get over Fredbird and the Cardinals staff giving thumbs up with
Lane`s name on the scoreboard at Busch Stadium.

Cardinals announcer, John Rooney, followed suit.  Even Cardinals pitcher, Chris Carpenter and GM John Mozeliak held thumbs up for the Lane signs when the Cardinals took on the Nationals in Washington D.C.  

'The thumbs up for Lane with the Cardinals, one: it`s awareness; and two: it`s little boy`s dream that just got fulfilled,' said Lane`s dad, George Goodwin.

'He said mom, ` this is what we always prayed for, `' his mom said.  '`Because this is what`s going to find a cure.  He didn`t miss a beat when he said that.'

Though Lane`s illness, a rare cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma, left him unable to speak when Shawn Kohrs and fellow supporter Andrew Brooks met him, they said seeing Lane with his dad said more than any words could.

'[When he] grabbed his dad`s hands and playing with his dad`s hands.  That moment, was just ... I`m getting chills just thinking about it,' Brooks said.

'He`s from a small town.  He doesn`t even live here.  He`s still rooting the Cardinals on, I just felt a connection with him there,' Kohrs said.  

Lane's parents said the past few days have been rough.  Lane`s been extremely sick.  

A break came Monday.

He was able to get out of bed; even spend time outside in a wheelchair, with his beloved dog, Petey.

If you like to provide support to Lane, just click on the links below:

Prayers For Lane Goodwin

Cardinals, Visit Lane Goodwin

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