Mendte – Big Bird Does Not Approve This Ad

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NEW YORK, NY (WPIX) - Just when you thought the 2012 Presidential campaign couldn't get an stranger - big bird enters the race.

The giant yellow flightless bird is the star of a sarcastic ad put out by the Obama campaign attacking Mitt Romney

The ad even starts with the President's blessing of the bizarre ad.  Well you know who doesn't approve that message, Big Bird.

Sesame Workshop the people who own the rights to the Big Bird image are a little miffed that the Obama campaign used their star without permission and besides as Big Bird will tell you, He's not political

This is all because Mitt Romney wants to cut government funding to PBS and mentioned Big Bird at the debate

There was probably a better way to say it but the truth is Big Bird is a billionaire. He's part of the one percent.  It is kind of silly that he gets a government handout

And the Sesame Workshop is a multi-billion dollar international company from Tickle me Elmo alone

And really why do we give money to PBS anymore. It was necessary when we had four or five station, But now there are a thousand stations and many do what PBS does.

The federal Government needs to get out of the TV business and stop giving our money to Big Bird

He's doing fine.   There are a lot of other Americans who could use help and the Presidential candidates attention