Cardinals’ Fans Enjoy Game 3 At Bars

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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO (KPLR)-- When there is a lot on the line, you can always count on a crowd at Patrick’s at Westport cheering on the team as if they were actually at the game.

And Wednesday there was a lot to cheer about. The crowd was confident from the first pitch to the last.

And with the team always ahead, Cards fans were giddy, especially those who were enjoying the game with a cocktail.

Even those fans could not be at the stadium. They were able to watch it in stadium seating on the big screen at the Weherenburg`s St. Charles theater.

And whether sitting in the dark of a theater or enjoying the convivial atmosphere of a sports bar, fans are coming to the same conclusion.

The Cards have a lot of loyal fans and so does Patrick’s at Westport

The first person we saw when we came in the door was a man we saw here every time we came here last season. And he was even sitting in the same chair.  We`ll have to see if he comes back Thursday.