Sista Strut Takes To Forest Park

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FOREST PARK (KPLR)-Thousands celebrated African-American breast cancer survivors in Forest Park Saturday morning during the 3rd-annual “Sista Strut”. Before the walk started, a volunteer estimated about 4,000 African-American women along with their families, friends and churches cheered and danced on the steps of the Missouri History Museum.

It was a warm up on this cold day for the 3rd-annual Sista Strut.  The walk raises awareness of breast cancer risks, treatment, prevention, and support for Black women.

Margie Hollins’ daughter is fighting the disease right now.  Margie said black women make up a smaller number of victims, but the largest number of fatalities.

“When we see the images, we see white women,” Hollins said.  “We need things like this to tell us to go get checked out.”

FOX2 and News 11 were proud media sponsors of the event.  Bonita Cornute, Kelley Hoskins, and Kim Hudson took the main stage for the Pink Glove Dance.