Rams Fans Pumped Up For Prime Time

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - Rams fans are fired up about their football team again. For many, it's been a long time coming. St. Louis takes on Arizona on Thusday. There`s been plenty of pre-game partying. The fountain at Kiener Plaza turned blue, cheerleaders were full of pep, folks danced and people cheered at a lunchtime Rams pep rally that attracted hundreds. One fan said, "There`s a lot to celebrate now it`s a new team."

It`s been a while since the team held a rally this big. Donna Sommars is a longtime fan, "You have to go back so many years because there hasn't been really anything to celebrate until now." Even hall-of-famer Marshal Faulk showed up to an approving crowd. Rams fan Kevin Stewart is happy the team is improving, he said, "I've been waiting on it we`re here we`re back."

It`s the first time in five years a Rams` home game has been broadcast coast to coast. The national spotlight will shine on St. Louis, it`s free advertising for the folks who promote the city. They know the broadcast could attract more tourist or convention planners to St. Louis.

 Donna Andrews works with the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission, "Maybe they`re trying to determine their next destination and they see these beautiful skyline shots of St. Louis and they say that`s somewhere that I may want to take my convention groups."

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