Man Finds Penny Worth $1,000

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ALTON, IL (KPLR) - George Leone hit a mini jackpot this morning. He came to the Alton Holiday Inn with some of his wife's jewelry. That's where a company called the Great American Treasure Hunt was buying up antiques, gold, silver and coins.

Like the TV shows Pawn Stars or Antiques Road Show, They're on the scent for rare finds and they found a cent.

"In 1909 first wheat penny produced at the San Francisco Mint. it was designed by Victor David Brandon. and it was left with his initials on it." said Jason Hall.

An anonymous Alton Man brought this one in, valued at close to $1,000 because of the initials VDB.

The value is a lot in the case of the Lincoln wheat penny. This broke ground for putting the actual image of a person on a coin. So, it pays to double check that change drawer and empty your pockets. Because you never know what you might find in an old drawer.

Patrick Clark, News 11.