Jaco – Is St. Louis The Most Racist City In The US?

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - Is St. Louis the most racist city in America? Who knows? Well, the folks at the web site Gawker.com hope to find out. They've launched an online survey to find the most racist city in the country called the racist city census. So far, the old hometown is holding its own.

So far, Gawker has only surveyed Philadelphia, Boston, Pittsburgh, and St. Louis. A few weeks ago editors at Deadspin.com listed the five most racist cities in America. Number one was Birmingham, followed by Boston, Phoenix, New york and Cincinnatti. Honorable mentions went to Detroit and every city in the South.  But we didn't make the list.

Determined to right that wrong current and former St. Louisans have emailed Gawker with tales of the STL. A few samples edited to clean up ther language. Delmar is the DMZ between two countries. White people don't go to the north side. Black people don't go to West County. The n-word still dots coversation here by all races. How this is a racist hell-hole that smells like dirty gym socks, how white people in St. Charles kept metrolink out for fear that black folks would ride it to steal their TV's etc...

Now don't get too over-confident. Remember, Gawker still has to take a close look at other beacons of racial dis-harmony like Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Milwaukee and New York. Who knows how'll they'll eventually make the final decision. We may be a long shot. But so were the Cardinals last year. And with this place's rich, racist tradition; Ya gotta believe.

I'm Charles Jaco and that's Jacology.