St. Louisans React To IKEA Headed To Kansas City

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR)-- It's enough to make IKEA fans take to their Swedish beds.

The popular Swedish furniture retailer announced its next new store will be in Merriam, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri.

Many St. Louisans, including 905 members of a Facebook page called "Bring IKEA to St. Louis," had been hoping for years that rumors of a St. Louis location would be coming true.

Right now, the closest IKEA stores are in two suburbs of Chicago.

Fans have been known to drive to Chicago to haul IKEA furniture home. Companies have also sprung up specializing in picking up IKEA orders in Chicago and bringing them to St. Louis.

Fans here hoped the company might consider the old Chrysler site in Fenton a suitable location, but no sale.

Britni Diesen is among the disappointed IKEA fans.

"I really wish they would move closer to St. Louis. I`m a new college girl and I could really use the furniture at a close location," she said.

Kelly Jenkins, visiting from Florida says St. Louis is missing out on a great shopping experience.

"Huge loss, huge loss," she said. "You can`t go to an IKEA in Florida without the parking lot being packed."

Joseph Roth, an IKEA spokesman tells FOX 2 news, "We have not committed to a timeframe for opening a store in the St. Louis area."

Roth said IKEA knows it has a devoted fan base in St. Louis, but chose Kansas City to help 'balance their expansion' among key regions of the country.

For what it`s worth, from downtown St. Louis, it is 269 miles to the IKEA store in Bolingbrook, Illinois, and 257 miles to Merriam, Kansas,  so  the new store will at least be closer to St. Louis. By 12 miles.

But don't rent your truck yet--- it the new IKEA doesn't open until next fall.

IKEA Coming To Kansas City