Jaco – The Akin Effect On Interviews

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - I'm one of that rare breed who actually likes politicians. Public office is a tough job. To quote Ann Romney, "You think this stuff is easy? Then you try it." Having said that, The bar for political figures may be a shade lower than it used to be. That's because sitting down and talking to someone for 20 minutes or so seems to terrify many politicos.

I say this because since GOP senate candidate congressman Todd Akin made his by now famous appearance on my other show The Jaco Report on FOX 2 the other political figures running for statewide office in Missouri seem to have a major case of cold feet. Akin's opponent, incumbent democratic senator Claire McCaskill did come on for the full program. But that's been it. I call it, "The Akin effect."

Take the race for Missouri governor. After giving us the yes he will appear, no he won't appear treatment for a couple of weeks;  incumbent democrfatic governor Jay Nixon's staff has been dodging us. His opponent, repiblican nominee and businessman Dave Spence also won't appear. But, he says he just doesn't have the time.

Then there's the statewide race for Missouri attorney general. The campaign staff of the current attorney general, Democrat Chris Koster says they don't have time. Ditto for his challenger republican and former official with the St. Louis Archdiocese Ed Martin. It seems among all these candidates a sudden allergy has erupted. They're all allergic to sitting down and taking questions without a script.

They all seemed to have learned a lesson from congressman Akin. Giving your honest opinion can be hazardous to your political health. But it makes me wonder. It seems that of all the challeneges of elected office sitting in a chair for 20 minutes and answering questions should be one of the smallest.

I'm Charles Jaco and that's Jacology.