Giving Back With Six Strings

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ELLISVILLE, MO. (KPLR) – Giving back, with six strings.  FOX2 Multimedia Journalist Wade Smith has more on high school student's soothing music.

The sounds and the faces of the Bethesda Nursing Home in Ellisville
And just like everywhere else around town.  Baseball is the main conversation.

But one of those faces may seem a little out of place here.

And though, many high school students his age are thinking about...

Neil enjoys spending time with these seniors.

They like the music and the people here are glad he came.

Neil Skukla is very good.  He’s so good, that he just won the Mid-America Guitar Competition back in July.

It was great to win.

And when you’re one of the best guitarists around, it seems like a nonstop schedule of performing.

I’m busy.

And with all the fame and admiration he has received, he still finds the time to come here twice a week to play.

What I get out of it…

And his fans here at Bethesda are glad he came.