Blanchette Bridge To Close In 30 Days

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ST. CHARLES, MO (KPLR)- Drivers are preparing for the closure and so are businesses. Owners are giving out maps  as part of the process to make the drive easier for motorist.

In 30 days the westbound lanes of the Blanchette Bridge will be closed and all traffic will be moved to the eastbound side.  On Thursday, 100 business owners , MoDOT officials and city leaders gathered at the St. Charles Convention Center to discuss how to prepare for the $63 million renovation project.  Business owners were given maps to pass out to customers with alternative routes that will help drivers until the repairs are complete. St. Charles County Chamber of Commerce President Scott Tate wants to get information out about the change as soon as possible.

"We want to remind people Highway 70 will still be open and but they are encouraging people to use the other two bridges that come into St. Charles County Highway 370 and the 364 Page Ave extension," said Tate.

The commerce also suggests that drivers contact ridefinders to help with transportation questions and carpooling information.  The lane sizes will shrink and speed limits will alsobe reduced. The project is expected to last until next fall of 2013.