La Russa: Cardinals Will Be Back In Playoffs

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR)-- Cardinals fans lined up in downtown St. Louis and it wasn't at Busch Stadium.  They were lining up outside "Left Bank Books" for Tony La Russa's latest book.

La Russa predicts the Cardinals will be back in the playoffs again this year. His message to Cardinals fans was to get behind their team, anything is possible.

Some Cardinals fans waited in line for hours for the chance to have the former Cardinals manager sign his memoir “One Last Strike.”

The book provides insight into last year's incredible World Series win.

People forget a lot of the hurdles the team overcame, Adam Wainright was out, Albert Pujols was injured for part of the season and of course the team was 10 and a half games out with the season coming to a close.

You might recall after the thrilling game 6, La Russa cautioned his team to put those emotions in a box and put them away so they can focus on game 7.

I asked La Russa where he got that inspiration from and it had nothing to do with baseball.

"You know actually the inspiration was the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey team , in fact we're going to do something in Las Vegas with Mike Eurozione, we had met in spring training and talked about how the coach and the coaching staff helped the team forget about Russia and focus on Finland, so I'm sitting at Shannons at 3 am and I get serious all of a sudden and my friends wonder what’s wrong and I say it's all about 7 now, if we don't win game 7 it's not nearly the same story," said La Russa.

So that day La Russa called his players and told them to forget about game 6 and it worked.

This year the Cardinals have started selling playoff tickets even though it`s not a done deal the team will make it. But again La Russa said he believes they will.