Cards Fans Line Up To See The Skipper

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - The memoir, entitled "One Last Strike" brought The Skipper back near Busch Stadium as fans lined up along 10th and Locust.  Fans are buzzing about a possible play for the playoffs.

"It's definitely in the air.  We were just in Chicago for two games and caught one of the Cubs/Cardinals wins so they're poised to get another playoff run.  So it's exciting." said Andy Sala.

The normally reclusive Redbird manager managed to bring out hundreds of fans, including his publicist a former Washington University alumni.

"He has worked harder on this book than almost any of our authors.  We have worked with him day in and day out for months on end and it's just been a joyous pleasurable experience." said  Lisa Sharkey - Sr. VP HarperCollins Publisher.

LaRussa was all smiles with St. Louisians signing copies with co-author Rick Hummel from the Post Dispatch. LaRussa opens up in the book about his managing style and decisions and last years World Series run. That's earned him some respect with fans.

"And kept the respect of his former players and his current players and the fans.  And he's always had great support from his ownership.  He's doing something right?  He's doing something extremely right." said Cardinal Fan Joe Mayfield.

For now he'll keep fans well red; Cardianl red that is.

Patrick Clark, News 11.

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