Cemetery Doubles As Botanical Gardens

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - Richard Lay knows all about where St. Louisians are laid to rest. You might have seen billboards around town, advertising Bellefountaine Cemetery as the other sculpture garden, the other botanical garden and the other walk of fame. A claim they can back up, with some notables no longer living.

The cemetery wants to advertise it's rich history and architecture. But this graveyard is also a botanical garden. The cemetery is focusing on Missouri and Midwest native trees and shrubs as part of their 100 year master plan. it's home to this Missouri state champion American Elm and a whole lot more.

They'll be introducing botanical garden and horticultural style gardens in the next year. They're working to make the flora and fauna in this final resting place are drought tolerant, sustainable and easy to maintain.

That's good to know that there's more than 100 acres not yet developed so there's  still space for your final resting space.

Patrick Clark, News 11.

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