Homeowners Trying To Revive Lawns From The Summer Heat

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KIRKWOOD, MO. (KPLR) – Now is the time to replace dead grass from the summer heat and drought.  Many home owners are re-seeding their lawns right now in hopes of bringing the green back to their yards.

Landscaping companies say re-seeding is also bringing the green back to the pocketbook.

The drought has left brown patches or even entire dead front yards across the area.  Local lawn experts say there is hope that those yards can grow back, but the window of opportunity to save them is closing quickly.

77-year old Kirkwood resident Weldon Phelps tried a little patchwork on his front lawn Thursday evening.

"We had some grass that got killed in the drought this summer, and I was just re-sodding it, trying to get it restarted."

Phelps is not alone.  The summer drought conditions have yards all over the St. Louis area looking similar.

"All the grass was brown. And I didn't know what part was dead and what part weren’t until we had the rains; a lot of it came back green, though."

Covering up the dead patches with sod like Weldon Phelps is one way to repair a drought damaged lawn.

Aerating and seeding is another popular method.  One local lawn care company, Down To Earth, has had an overflow of requests for aerating.

"It’s been several phone calls a day for aerating. There is definitely an influx in people that just got hit hard and didn't have sprinkler systems you just couldn't keep up dragging a hose and a sprinkler around."

Business has had quite the turnaround for landscaping companies that were set back by the drought.

"This definitely off-sets it. I told my guys we're going to have to work more hours, and they are fine with it because they had the lack of hours in the heat of the summer."

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