Chesterfield Man Fighting For Uniform Speed Limit On Olive

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CHESTERFIELD, MO. (KPLR) - Chesterfield resident and small business owner Steve Boriss just couldn`t take it anymore.

His 3rd speeding ticket on Olive near Faust Park drove him to do something about it.

The speed limit along that stretch of highway is 40 miles per hour in one direction but 45 miles per hour in the other direction.

'It just makes no sense,' said Boriss.

So after failed attempts to fight his tickets he decided to fight the speed limit.

'I asked them why is this speed limit 40 miles per hour for what is a divided highway,' said Boriss. He said the answer he received from city leaders was, 'We don`t know.'

Boriss believes innocent drivers are a growing target for speed traps and fears some municipalities are using tickets purely as a way to generate revenue.

MoDOT studied Olive/Clarkson to determine whether raising the speed limit to 45 was a safe option.  After months of studying sight lines, the number of driveways and a variety of other factors, MoDOT presented a study that showed 45 miles per hour would be safe.

Boriss doesn`t feel vindicated.  He feels speed enforcement in St. Louis has strayed away from what it should be.

He`s formed a citizens group called Freedom from Un-American Speed Enforcement and plans on attending Wednesday night`s Chesterfield City Council meeting to let leaders know his intentions.

'We want them to join us at the table and have citizen directed speed enforcement that gets back to its main purpose,' said Boriss. He believes that means, 'Getting dangerous drivers off the road and not harassing innocent citizens. '

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