2 Rescued After Car Goes Into Creek Bed

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KTVI) – Help from a neighbor led to a heroic rescue from a St. Louis County creek Tuesday morning.

According to Metrowest Coordinator of Emergency Management Michael Thiemann, a man and woman, both in their 20s, were driving down Kiefer Creek Road when their Chevy Malibu swerved and tumbled down into the creek at around 4:30am. One Good Samaritan heard the crash and sprung into action.

Janice Dudley and her husband live right off Kiefer Creek Road.  Dudley says it's lucky they're both light sleepers, "I'm kind of an insomniac so I was awake, and it did wake my husband up, the crash was so loud."

She and her husband immediately walked down to Kiefer Creek to investigate, and quickly called 911 when they discovered two victims trapped.

Dudley recalls, "I was just hoping, I thought ok, the girl was screaming, she was awake and the guy was not talking, he was the driver.  He probably had some pretty good head trauma."

Rescue crews extricated the victims, who were quickly taken to local hospitals.  Thiemann says it's lucky the victims were found so quickly, and lucky the water level wasn't deep. He explains, "It's a good thing, yeah, not only for the people involved but also for the rescue crews trying to extricate them, that complicates the situation every time."

Meanwhile, Dudley is happy she was there to help, but worries that the road, especially in slick conditions, is just too dangerous, “It’s always kind of unnerving when you hear these sounds and then see what happens."

Dudley says she's seen four accidents where vehicles have tumbled into the creek since moving to the Forest Ridge Trails subdivision 20 years ago.  She says at least one of those wrecks was fatal.