Mendte – Naked Celebrity Tweets Are No Accident

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NEW YORK, NY (WPIX) - Have you ever accidentally sent out over the internet a nude picture of yourself? Nope me neither; you're welcome. But celebrities seem to do it all of the time.

The latest is Alison Pill, an actress on the HBO series The Newsroom. She sent a picture out on twitter. It is being called a "Ta-Ta Tweet".

Pulling a Weiner, as in Congressman Anthony Weiner who had to resign for his Weiner tweets.  just like the congressman, Alison Pill says, "Oops it was an accident".

I have so many questions.  First, what ever happened to good old fashioned flashers in their trench coats.

Man, the internet is changing ruining every profession. Also, why do celebrities take all of these naked pictures of themselves and store them on their phones. The list is oddly long and then, oops they get out.

There is not one naked picture of me on my phone or anywhere for that matter. I have a comfortable false illusion that i look good naked and i don't need any photographic evidence to crush my delusion.

Third how do they always accidentally get released?  remember the sex tapes that accidentally got out launching the careers of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian and exposing some of Pamela Anderson's best acting work?

Finally, when you have these sex tapes and nude pictures how do they accidentally get a world wide release.

Ask yourself this, did you know Alison Pill's name before this?  she became the top search on Google and her followers almost doubled from 13,500 to over 25,000.

A cynical person might think that oops, it's done for publicity.  But, have you noticed that there are no Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett or Julia Roberts sex tapes or ta ta tweets floating through the ethers.

You see, an "oops" can get you noticed. But, respect you still have to earn