Students Using Topix For On-Line Bullying

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VALLEY PARK, MO. (KPLR) - Students from one area school say an on-line forum known as Topix is being used as a cyber-bullying vehicle.

Safety experts warn parents to keep their kids away from the website.

"It's anonymous so it's really hard to track down who said what and how they said it,"
 said Tina Meier, Megan Meier Foundation founder.

Meier's daughter, Megan, committed suicide after being harassed on line by a parent pretending to be a friend.

We talked with one high school student who has seen what on-line harassment has done to classmates.

'I've seen people go from happy and joy to moping around the hallways and not saying a word to anybody.

Meier spoke on Thursday to students and parents from the Valley Park School District.

Jasmine Maloney is a senior who said Meier's moving story changed attitudes.

"It makes you think should I do that to someone."

Meier also shared information about an app called, "Parenting Pride."  She says the app catalogs every incoming message and photo.

She hopes word of the app will slow down on-line attacks.

"Maybe it will deter them from saying negative things not knowing who might have the app," said Meier.

Here is a list of other resources to fight on-line harassment.

Megan Meier Foundation:
INOBTR ("I Know Better") -
Common Sense Media -  
Cyberbullying Research Center --
Missouri Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force - They have a full resource section one particularly on cyberbullying