Trooper Shoots Man While Trying To Serve Warrant

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ST. CLAIR, MO (KPLR)-- He was once a candidate for coroner but on Tuesday afternoon Jeffrey R. Weinhaus was rushed to an area hospital after being shot by 2 Missouri troopers.

The troopers were trying to arrest the suspect during a pre-arranged meeting at the MFA gas station near St. Clair, Mo.

Troppers say the suspect was armed with a handgun.

According to MSHP spokesman Al Nothum, the suspect was ordered to drop the weapon.

Court documents show Weinhaus was charged on Tuesday with drug charges and a charge of tampering with a judicial officer.

'Our troopers feared for their lives and feared for their safety,' said Nothum.

He said the suspect was in serious condition when he was rushed to an area hospital.

Weinhaus was well known to police.  His Facebook page contains several video rants against law enforcement and complaints about the direction of the country.

During one video, Weinhaus complains about police seizing his computer in August. .   

He launches a verbal threat saying he has the right to, 'blast you (expletives) out of there if I have to.  'I don`t want it to come down to that, I really don`t,' said Weinhaus on the video.

During another video rant, Weinhaus talks into a camera and says he ran for Crawford County coroner to reveal what he called the truth about fatal shootings involving police.

He said his campaign came to an end because of a lack of funding.

Nothum said the troopers, each with more than 10 years experience, were shaken up.  He also expressed sympathy for the family of the suspect.

He said the early determination is that the officers were justified in shooting because they feared for their safety and feared for their lives.

The 2 troopers worked out of Rolla and will be on administrative leave until the investigation is complete.

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