Todd Akin Tells Press In D.C. He’s Not Dropping Out

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (CNN) – Missouri Representative Todd Akin says he's getting widespread encouragement to stay in the U-S Senate race.  Akin returned to Capitol Hill Monday for the first time since his comments last month about "legitimate rape" created a national controversy.

The Republican is facing pressure from his own party to get out.  Akin has until September 25th to get a court-ordered petition to remove his name from the ballot.
Here's what Akin told reporters when asked if he's definitely staying in the race.
"I'm not getting out. I made that really clear."

Reporter: ("You're saying definitively September 25th will come and go and you'll still be in the Senate race?)

"That's what I'm saying. I've tried to say it about five times, but I know you want to hear it. Alright. Hey, thanks guys."

Akin said last month that "legitimate rape" rarely leads to pregnancies.

He later apologized and said he misspoke.

Akin said he believes once the September 25th deadline passes, more campaign money will pour into his race to defeat incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill.

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