Mendte – Wait Until The Lame Duck Session

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NEW YORK, NY (WPIX) - Hey great news, congress is back in session after a five week vacation and they plan to get a lot done before they go on vacation again in a couple of weeks. C'mon it's an election year and they have to campaign.

But in this short amount of time that they have where they are actually working - they plan to compromise and finally get something done for the American people.  THey will vote on
a jobs bill, immigration reform, a budget, and of course they will work to reduce the deficit.

Nah, I'm just kidding you, they aren't going to do any of those things.  Are you kidding me!?
Congress is back; but with less than two months before the election do you really think they are going to get anything substantial done? Please.

They will bicker and fight and use this time to try and embarrass each other and in doing so they will only embarrass themselves. They shouldn't even come back it will all be political theater. In this bizarre mutation that is the modern legislative process you know when everything is going to get done in the lame duck session.

In the last three weeks of November, before they go on vacation they will deal with mandated budget cuts, the Bush tax cuts and several spending bills. The new philosophy of politicians is to take all of the tough votes after a national election and before the holidays when no one is paying attention.  That way so they have political cover.

So don't pay any attention to what congress does during this couple of weeks when they claim to be back to work.  They will actually be doing something they are very good at, nothing.

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