Hail Damage Claim

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O’FALLON, MO. (KPLR) - Some insurance companies are still processing hail damage claims.   Our Contact 2 team found a way to help one man get through the process.  It doesn't seem right talking about hail damage with today's beautiful weather.  But an O`Fallon man is looking at brighter days after a super hail storm.  The dents in his truck look like hail damage, the owner says it`s hail damage.  But it was called vandalism according to the consumer.  'An adjuster comes out and looks at the truck and says that`s not hail damage, that was done intentionally by someone.'  

Well Edward Struckman wasn't going to accept that explanation so he fought it by himself, they still refused to pay.  That's when he called Contact 2.  Our volunteers made a few calls and the insurance company took another look according to Struckman.   'They called in a third party to look at my truck, who told them he was a dent specialist, who told them every dent on that truck is from hail.'  

Struckman got a check for three thousand three hundred dollars. ($3,300) And he says it was all because of Contact 2.   'If you hadn`t contacted them I`d still be fighting with them to get my money, which was due to me.   So I really appreciate what you guys did, it worked out fine.'

Our Contact 2 volunteers are dedicated to helping you resolve some of your consumer issues.   The complaints don't always end up on TV but they work to get you results.   Call Monday through Thursday between 11am and 1pm.  The number is 800 782-2222.  And go to our website Fox2.now for information about the Department of Insurance in Illinois and Missouri.  

Illinois Dept of Insurance  
Missouri Dept. of Insurance  

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