Suspects Steal ATM From Bethalto Bar

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BETHALTO, IL (KPLR)-- Security cameras captured three thieves as they approached palace bar and grill located at 5150 state route 140 in Bethalto, Illinois.

The video is dark, but you can see them shatter the lights outside the building, pry the door open, and go inside. Two appear to be wearing black masks and black clothes and the third a deer veil and camouflage.  

They go directly to the atm, rip it from the floor, drag it outside, and put it into the trunk of their car. Manager Steven Holland says the time on the video shows it all happened in three minutes. "It was really really quick I was actually amazed by how quick they got in," said Holland.

Holland says he knew the atm was gone when he saw its light lying on the floor. He also says he knows the crooks will get the cash inside, eventually.

"Given enough time any squirrel will be able to crack a nut, given enough time. I know there was a pretty good sum of money in it."

Owner, J.D. Fletcher says someone tried unsuccessfully to ram a truck through the door a couple of years ago in an attempt to rob the place.  He`s not surprised it actually happened this time. "It`s the first time it's happened in 55 years. I can tell you that. That`s how long I’ve owned it. I am thankful nobody was here and nobody was hurt," said Fletcher.

As of six o'clock Monday evening, no arrests had been made and police didn't have any suspects, "I’d like to see them catch em. I`d like to see them caught, said Fletcher.