Cemetery Controversy Threatens Publics Use

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LOUISIANA, MO. (KPLR) – A cemetery controversy seems to have been resolved Monday night in Louisiana, Missouri.  The controversy could have potentially closed down the area to visitors.

Fox 2's Shawndrea Thomas has the details on the ordinance passed.

Monday’s city council meeting was packed and locals had their say.

We got a call from viewer Nicki Dawson, a Louisiana resident who was upset because she got word that one of the city`s leaders wanted to restrict access to Riverview Cemetery, the towns largest burial site.

The ordinance, if passed would close off access to visitors because of safety concerns.
Ms. Dawson spoke out against the ordinance that would also put restrictions on grave side services.  She quickly got a response from council members.

'He feels that it’s unsafe for everyone to walk on the lands because they are uneven. The cemetery is 200 years old. We have to attend our loved ones funerals.’

'They take care of the land her and i understand it takes time and money to do that they should be doing that like they`re supposed to.'

'We have been receiving calls al weekend and all I have to say is this ordinance won`t fly’.

Again the council said the ordinance would not pass by any means and that it will no longer be on the city councils agenda.

We spoke to Ms. Dawson soon after the decision was announced and she was pleased with the outcome.