Bringing The Political Convention Back To St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR)-- Now that the 2012 political conventions are over, talk is already begun for 2016. And not just about the election, but about where to hold the conventions.

Just hours after the end of the Democratic Party Convention for 2012, Mayor Francis Slay was already tweeting that being in Charlotte reassured him St. Louis could easily host the next one.

Of course, the city believes it already put forward a superior proposal to the DNC for 2012.

Swing state politics however apparently made North Carolina seem like a better choice.

But the mayor's office believes by 2016, St. Louis would have even more to offer.

Five in fact, four of them held by the democrats, starting in 1876.

The last St. Louis convention was in 1916 when the democrats sent Woodrow Wilson back to the white house for a second term.

The mayor believes St. Louis now has the proper facilities to host a political convention. It just needs to develop a sales pitch that carries a political advantage.