Storms Roll Through Parts of Illinois Leaving Behind Damage

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LITCHFIELD, IL (KPLR)-- Storms rolled through Illinois this morning damaging homes and knocking down trees and power lines.   One storm victim usually can be seen helping others deal with overwhelming problems.

In Ramsey, Illinois Ronnie Stevens’ home was damaged.  A huge pine tree punched a hole in the roof.  Stevens is the town’s fire and police chief.  Usually he’s helping other in emergency situations, now he’s a victim.  But he was taking it all in stride.  Stevens said, “I can live through it, it’s nothing but property damage, it’s not a big deal, wash my hands of it and keep on going.”

In the community of Witt, Illinois the local creek filled quickly and so did ditches along roads after buckets of rain fell quickly.  Dan Rogers is in charge of the town’s water department, “Roads went under we got an inch and ¾’s in 25, 30 minutes I would say.”

In Litchfield citizens flooded the police department with calls when the storms moved in.  Tom Jones is the town’s mayor.  He said, “It was a little hairy for a while because we couldn’t tell what was going on in my day they would have called it a cyclone instead of a tornado, see the clouds twisting as they were going through.”

Ameren crews were out in force.  About six hundreds kids in the middle and high schools were without lights for about an hour when the electricity was cut.  Trees also fell in Litchfield and in at least one case causing a loud noise according to Nic Weatherford, a resident, “The tree sounded like a gunshot and then just crashing, the power lines were arcing and setting the yard on fire over there it was getting crazy.”

There were no reports of injuries in any of the three communities.

Check the Interactive Radar and Watch the Storm


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