Lifetime Of Collectibles In Bell City Batteries

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BELLEVILLE, IL. (KPLR) - Inside the former Bell City Batteries office is a collection of antiques.

"It was not an overnight event.  It took quite a bit of time to put together," says Ardell Miller.

Part collector and part pack rat, Mr. Miller admits he never throws anything away.

“A lot of people think collecting all this stuff is goofy.  But I think they are the goofy ones because they never saved anything themselves," says Miller.

His daughter, Ginger Miller admits there's a fine line between hoarder and historian.

“He’s more of a historian versus a pack rat because Dad keeps it all organized," says Ginger.

There's no sign for Mr. Miller's museum.  No ticket takers, no tour guides and no cost of admission.

"I'm just tickled pink that anyone would want to see this stuff," says Miller  

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