Finding Friendships In ‘For A Good Time, Call”

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(CNN) — If your college experience included becoming friends with an actress and working on a phone sex hotline (just stay with us here), then of course you’d cast your bestie if you ended up making a movie about said friends and their phone sex business. Right?

That’s just what writer Katie Anne Naylon did, and the result is the recently released independent film “For a Good Time, Call,” which draws on her experience working as a phone sex operator while a freshman.

Naylon – who later in her school career actually launched her own phone sex hotline – wrote the script with good friend Lauren Anne Miller, who co-stars in the film along with actress Ari Graynor.

“For A Good Time, Call” focuses on two young women who, in launching their own salacious business, learn a great deal about themselves, each other and friendship. The actresses, along with director Jamie Travis, said they worked hard to capture the spirit of hilarity that was Naylon’s experience.

“I was a virgin and didn’t know what was going on,” the screenwriter said before Miller jumped in and added, “Because it was around the time of the birth of Google, [Naylon] would Google everything. She literally Googled ‘S and M.'”

Miller, who is married to actor Seth Rogen and convinced him to do a cameo, said the success of films like “Bridesmaids” has helped focus more attention on her film and other female-helmed comedies like “Celeste and Jesse Forever,” which Graynor also appears in.

“I think women have always been hot and funny, and maybe the opportunity to showcase that hasn’t always been there,” Miller said. “We are super excited to be part of something where the opportunities do seem to be coming around, and I hope that continues.”

As titillating as the subject matter is, Graynor said that at the heart of the project is the blossoming friendship between her character and Miller’s.

“There’s something so deeply satisfying about both of us having these really unique, well-rounded characters and being able to follow them on this very full journey together,” Graynor said. “So much of [the characters’] development was hinged on each other, and it was the same way with us working together.”

“Really, everything in this movie revolves around that friendship,” said Travis, who directed the film. “When I first read the script and saw it was a phone sex comedy I was a little nervous. I mean, I wasn’t even sure if I’m the audience for that. But I think that because so much of the film captures that concept of friendship and reflects a real life friendship that audiences will love it.”

By Lisa Respers France – CNN

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