St. Louis Labor Day Parade

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KPLR) – On this Labor Day, unions took to the streets of downtown for the annual parade.  But with a backdrop of a down economy and an election year, the march down market takes on a different feel.  

Happy Labor Day!

In the streets of downtown groups march, kids wave flags, and people pass out candy.  

But the parade on labor day is always a little bit different....part celebration.

People need to wake up!

Part political street fight.  

Just about every one of them since `89.  I love parades!

Eric Mudd has watched things change a bit.  A day devoted to union pride years ago has evolved in tough economic times into a battle for jobs and in the case of some, their very survival. Though Mudd sees no change in the energy here.

It`s a harder struggle for the labor unions, but it hasn`t lost any luster.  

Save our services! Put a stamp on it!

Some are trying to save their own jobs.  Postal workers staring down cuts from congress that could put them in the unemployment line are out in force.

We always fighting for jobs.  Yes we are.  The postal service wants to contract more of our jobs out than keep the employees.  

Of course not everyone out here in on organized labor's bandwagon.

I`m thinking politically you don`t jibe with a lot of the folks out here.  (Smith) I think that`s a good assumption.  

Stan Smith appears to be a republican, party of one, trying to pass out flyers people keep giving back to him, and preaching against what he sees as passing on debt to another generation.

We`re just destroying their future by putting this debt on them.  There`s no way they can survive this continued pile on of debt.

But the howling sirens and waving flags provide the backdrop to a political debate that in and of itself is uniquely American.

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