Couple Uses Facebook To Catch Child Rapist

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WASHINGTON STATE (CNN) - Facebook is now a tool for catching potential criminals looking to prey on children.  A Washington state couple set up a fake Facebook account to trap a convicted child rapist.

That man was dating their teenage daughter and talking with other underage girls as well.  Reporter Tom Yazwinski talked the couple about how they took the situation into their own hands.

The level of explicitness that he would approach someone after 24 hours was shocking.

As parents of two teenagers, Jesper and Julie Myrfors are on the clock 24/7. When they found out their daughter's boyfriend had a criminal past and he might be an online predator they acted.

“He had friended a friend of my daughters and she had Skyped me to say why he is talking to me...   "

This dynamic duo created a plan and a fake Facebook account of a 15 year old girl, but they had rules their daughter's boyfriend, Liam Elms had to make the moves and he did.

Right away Liam friends the friend and within 24 hours is sending explicit sexual material to her. Yea, and trying to hook up with her...

“It’s illegal for anyone who believes they're communicating with a minor in their mind for immoral purposes...

The Myrfors turned the sexually explicit pictures and transcripts over to police who arrested elms for felony immoral communications with a minor. A crime that will keep Elms away from their daughter and other potential victims.

But the Myrfors aren't happy with the outcome.

There's no winners here. I think we have saved some potential future victims but really it doesn't feel that good...

This Justice League For Juveniles has advice for all parents.

We live in a day and age where it's pretty easy to open doors and do what we did. Just don't let it go. If you think something's wrong. It probably is....   "

Parents need to be involved in their kids’ lives. It's important when they need to, to step in. Some hard lessons you've got to let them learn but not this one...   "

You can check the Missouri Sex Offender Registry by clicking here.

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