Uplands Park Missing $90,000 Due To Theft

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UPLANDS PARK, MO (KPLR)-The tiny north St. Louis County suburb of Uplands Park can’t pay its bills. Police officers aren't being paid. Residents fear the emergency 9-1-1 service shut down. Why? It turns out, Uplands Park is missing $90,000 dollars from its bank account, maybe because of theft.

St. Louis County police are investigating the case and are standing by to provide protection if Uplands Park Police stop working because they're not being paid.

Some village officials called St. Louis County last spring to report that a good deal of city money seemed to have gone missing. Some of it may be traffic fines pocketed by city workers. Most of Uplands Park’s budget comes from traffic tickets written on Natural Bridge Road. But it turns out hundreds; maybe thousands of people who paid their traffic tickets in Uplands Park never really paid the fines. It seems that maybe city employees pocketed the money.

When asked by FOX 2 investigator Chris Hayes asked if that means somebody in city government accepted a payment under the table, Uplands Park Police Chief Steven Abbington responded, “It’s a possibility. We’re not ruling anything out right now. We’re looking at every angle of what it could be.

St. Louis County is investigating.

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