Police Identify Women Found Dead In Ferguson Apartment

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FERGUSON, MO (KPLR) - Police are still looking for a suspect, but did find a stolen car that belonged to one of the victims.

Police say that 29 year old Tasheera Johnson and 30 year old Claudia Williams were found shot to death in a bedroom at the Oakmont apartments where Williams lived. A family member who could not reach Williams came to the apartment at 6 this morning and made the gruesome discovery.  Investigators say Johnson’s 6 month old baby girl was found inside unharmed. A missing white 2006 Pontiac Grand Am that belonged to Claudia Williams was stolen after the shooting. It was recently recovered in Madison County.  Now they need to find the shooter. People who live nearby are worried.

Police also say they believe the victims know the killer and that there were no signs of forced entry or robbery. Police say the investigation is ongoing and plan to release as much information as possible. Police say they are checking out the car and so far no arrests have been made.