Emergency Crews Preparing For Heavy Rain

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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO (KPLR) - Emergency crews across St. Louis are gearing up in preparation for the possibility of heavy rains from Hurricane Isaac.  Metro West Fire Protection District’s Emergency Operation Center was up and running this morning as about a dozen different agencies got together for a teleconference to discuss potential problems that could result from remnants of the hurricane.

Metro West Battalion Chief John Bradley said, “As your public safety professionals we are aware of the situation. It’s again that whole leaning forward thing we’re aware of it it’s a holiday weekend we’re not off so we’re paying attention to it. We take it seriously we’re preparing for a worst case scenario.”

Firefighter Scott Hulsey, who is trained in flash flooding rescues, was checking out equipment, including the swift water rescue suit.

Hulsey said, “This is important because number one it’s  going to protect us from the elements it’s going to protect us from the rain it’s going to protect us from any kind of debris that’s in there.”

Meanwhile, Metropolitan Sewer District workers are doing what they can to keep flood waters from sweeping into businesses and homes in Valley Park.  They were installing a temporary pump at one of the lowest points for miles around.  The levee system protects the community from the river, the pump should help if the rain fall is heavy here.

MSD spokesman Lance LeComb added, “For homeowner we obviously  want to avoid any basement backups at all but if there are any we’ll help lessen the damage they do and the severity of them.  This is really about basement backups here and keeping the system maintained enough so we can run it thru out the entire weekend.”

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