Vandals Hit Calvary Cemetery

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NORTH ST. LOUIS, MO. (KPLR) – Some call it an unthinkable crime, thieves busting off a brass door from a Calvary Cemetery mausoleum built in the 1800's.  "You're family can't even rest in peace," said Michelle Burse.

She doesn't know the family victimized by the thieves but can`t understand why anyone would commit a crime like this.

Calvary Cemetery is where several prominent St. Louis Catholics are buried.  It is located next to Bellefontaine Cemetery along West Florissant in north St. Louis.

"It's really sad that you have to steal from a cemetery to get some money when you could get out here and work," said Burse.

Michael Blanks agrees, "I don`t think things are that hard in the world right now that people should be stealing from a cemetery."

St. Louis Metropolitan Police report the door is valued at about $3,000.  Cemetery leaders suspect the thieves are trying to sell it as scrap metal.  They hope anyone who sees the door will call police.

A groundskeeper noticed the door missing during his morning rounds at 6:30am.  The gates close nightly at 5pm so it`s possible someone climbed the fence to commit the crime.

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