Mendte – Is Chris Christie A Teddy Bear Or RHINO?

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NEW YORK, NY (WPIX) - Chris Christie is about to go from YouTube sensation to TV star. Tuesday night is Chris Christie night in America.  He takes the stage in Tampa for one of the most anticipated keynote speeches in history.

You see the keynote usually introduces someone to America, think of a young governor from Arkansas named Bill Clinton or a state senator from Illinois named Barack Obama.

Or, it is a chance to release an attack dog. Think of Ann Richards going after the first president Bush.

None of them had the stardom of Chris Christie before they even stepped on the stage. The question is; which Chris Christie will we get? The one who charges after a guy who heckled him on a Jersey boardwalk. That incident David Letterman to describe him as a charging RHINO.

So will we get the RHINO or a big Teddy Bear? Like the lovable guy who gave a gracious and humble speech at the Reagan Library, a speech that had republicans begging him to run for president.

I think you will get more Teddy Bear than RHINO. Sure there will be some mild zingers.  But, it won't be what America expects because Christie is not who America thinks he is. Christie is not as conservative as the Tea Party would like and he compromises a lot more than the republicans in congress. Christie  will do what he always does, he'll be himself.

Now if Ann Romney goes before he does and if someone is disrespectful, we may see Christie early. hecklers makes the Jersey come out in Christie.

But, barring that expect a keynote speech that will launch Chris Christie 2016 or 2020. But trust me, it is his first speech in his campaign for president.

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