Hurricane Isaac On Track To Strike The Gulf Coast

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NEW ORLEANS, LA. (CNN) - The Gulf Coast is bracing as Isaac now a category 1 hurricane makes its way toward shore.  Kiran Khalid is live from Jackson Square in New Orleans.  Isaac approached the Gulf Coast Tuesday,  forcing people in at least four l states to hunker down and prepare for the worst.

Authorities across the region are advising residents to be ready for heavy rain, flooding, and power outages.   President Obama told people to in effect  "listen up.".

As we prepare for Isaac to hit, I want to encourage all residents of the gulf coast to listen to your local officials and follow their directions. Now's not time to tempt fate. Now's not the time to dismiss official warnings. You need to take this seriously.

And as Wednesday marks the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu warned residents.

Do not let this storm lull you into complacency. That would be a terrible mistake. We have dodged a bullet in the sense that this is not a category three storm, but a category one.

Katrina caught us off guard because we had like 5 or 6 warnings like this, and then everybody became complacent when the actual big storm came.  And that's what one of the problems we have, with people running off and getting into a frenzy.

Meteorologists say most deaths in hurricanes are caused by water, not wind.

The national weather service says isolated areas could receive up to 20-inches from Isaac, and flooding is expected.

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