Boken Murder Suspects Confess To Brentwood Armed Robbery

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BRENTWOOD, MO. (KPLR) – The suspects in the Megan Boken, Central West End murder case, have now been charged in a similar crime, less than a week earlier, in Brentwood.

Cousins, Keith Esters and Johnathan Perkins, 18, allegedly terrorized a woman in the parking lot of Brentwood Square shopping center, Sunday, August 12th; forcing her to drive them to an ATM at gunpoint; then stealing the money and her cell phone.  

The victim survived.  She told Fox 2 her thoughts were of Megan and her family now; a touching sentiment, for Megan’s father, Paul.

“That’s amazing how people are able to think about us at times like this,” he said.  “So many people have been reached out to us touched by this and have reached out to us, which has been very heartwarming.”

After the Brentwood robbery, authorities believe the pair was trying to do the same thing to Boken, 23, a former St. Louis U. volleyball star, who was living in the Chicago area.
Friends said she was in town for job interviews hoping to move back to St. Louis.  She was on her way to play in an alumni v. varsity volleyball game, when Esters allegedly shot and killed her during a robbery attempt.  He and Perkins stole her cell phone, authorities said.   

“These are 2 predators who were out looking for victims,” said St. Louis County Prosecutor, Bob McCulloch.  

Esters and Perkins, 18, are charged with robbery, armed criminal action, and felonious restraint.

They allegedly forced a woman to drive them to her ATM at gunpoint; then stealing the money she withdrew, along with her cell phone.
“It appears Esters had the weapon in this case.  But they’re both very much involved; both, in the car, with the victim, to the ATM, where she withdrew the money and gave it to them,” McCulloch said.

“We feel somewhat fortunate that they were able to identify these people who perpetuated this crime with Megan.  I’m sorry to hear somebody else was impacted by it,” Megan’s father said by phone from the family home in suburban Chicago.

Authorities said items from the Brentwood case were recovered in the raid of esters’ home in Bel-Ridge, just after Boken’s murder; the two cases helping solve the other.  

Everyone wishes it hadn’t come to that.  But McCulloch said there was no one to blame but the suspects.  He said they admitted their roles in the Brentwood case.

“The only ones responsible for anything here are Esters and Perkins.  They are the only ones responsible.  They committed every act we have here.  They’re they only ones responsible and no one else,” McCulloch said.  

Bond for Esters and Perkins in St. Louis County is $200,000 each, cash only.  

It doesn’t really matter, since there’s no bond on the murder charges in the City of St. Louis.

The two remain jailed there.  

They’ll be prosecuted on the murder charges first, McCulloch said.

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