Appliance Stop Not Answering Calls

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KPLR) - It sounds like a good deal but a landlord quickly discovers she's on the losing end.  The woman tells me she bought used appliances for rental units in South St. Louis.   But weeks went by and she never got what she paid for.

Toni Easter has been a landlord for a couple of years now.  In mid June she bought two used refrigerators and a stove for vacant and occupied units.   

Toni says, 'The refrigerator is for the second floor unit.   The old refrigerator is sitting out in the back hall. Waiting to be taken away . I have people moving in here on Sept. 1st.'

Toni often buys used.  She says it’s a quick inexpensive way to furnish the appliances.  Toni tells me, 'In the world of apartment rental you find used appliances is a common practice.'  

She paid over 500 dollars cash for all three items.  First the owner told her they were too busy to deliver.  Then Easter says, 'The next time I called them they said the truck had broken down and it was in the shop and it was driving them crazy because they couldn`t make deliveries.'

Easter realized Appliance Stop and owner Dave Anderson were gone.   That's the same experience I had when I went to the location on South Kingshighway.   We couldn't reach him by phone either.  It's not surprising that the business has an 'F' grade with the Better Business Bureau. If a purchase is made with a credit card, the transaction can be disputed.  But paying cash leaves you with no options.

If you`re buying from a used appliance store, be sure you check out the stores rating with the Better Business Bureau.   It could save you some money in the long run.   Let us know if you have consumer issues. Call us between 11am and 1pm Monday through Thursday.  The number is 1800 782-2222.  An operator will assist you at that time.  Or you can leave a voicemail message.

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