Mendte – You Know Why The Empire State Shooting Happened

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NEW YORK, NY (WPIX) - Another shooting with multiple victims.  The only question that really matters once again lingers in its wake, why? We all know the answer. We just choose not to accept it.

So instead we stagger along through the mire of frustration that comes from attempting to solve the unsolvable.

Experts will appear like vultures. Perched on their TV studio seats above the fresh tragedy in midtown Manhattan offering false solutions to the unsolvable.

They will go through the mental gymnastics of grouping  the shooting in Manhattan with the attack on the Sikh temple in Wisconsin and the shooting inside a crowded theater in Aurora Colorado.

They will claim with no authority a trend when in fact every attack is as random and different as the motives and the men that carry them out. The experts will say get rid of the guns, even though men have found weapons to kill in mass from the beginning of time. They will call for a better court system even though most of the attackers had no prior criminal history

They will call for better psychological testing as if psychologists are supposed to hunt these people down. In grasping for reason like straw, everyone ignores what we know to be true.  That we all have the capacity for evil. Some have a lower threshold and when that person is either isolated too much or pushed too far, they snap and the evil takes over

It has always been that way and will always be that way.  That`s the answer to the why we just choose not to hear.