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Gulf Coast Bracing For Topical Storm Isaac

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LOUISIANA (CNN) - The Gulf Coast is bracing for Tropical Storm Isaac, and although this storm is much weaker than Hurricane Katrina, which struck seven years ago this week, emergency preparedness learned then is key.  Kiran Khalid is live from New Orleans with the latest.  

As the seventh anniversary of hurricane Katrina approaches, New Orleans and much of the gulf coast is preparing for Tropical Storm Isaac.   As we always say, hope for the best, even as we prepare for the worst.   

After blowing through Haiti and Cuba, Isaac made its way toward Florida, Where heavy rains and strong winds caused minor damage.   

In Tampa, the Republican National Convention was delayed for a day as the storm approached.  
Louisiana officials are urging residents to take precautions.

If your plan has been to leave, now would be a good time to go.  If your plan is to stay, you need to execute the preparations you've put into place.  

Evacuations are taking place and states of emergency have been ordered.   

I know it isn't mandatory, but I live, I’m gonna stay.
Isaac doesn't scare you?
Yeah it worries me.  Scare? Close.  But it worries the heck out of me.  But I think I’m gonna stay.   

Officials say emergency crews are ready for what's to come.   

Let me reiterate. This team is very, very well prepared and very well organized both on the local level, the state level and the federal level.

For now, Isaac is still picking up strength and forcing the gulf coast to prepare for landfall.