Alicia Keys Talks New Album, ‘Girl On Fire’

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(CNN) — You’re not alone if, upon hearing the title for Alicia Keys’ new album, you assumed the singer must have been spending sleepless nights devouring Suzanne Collins’ “Hunger Games” trilogy.

“Girl on Fire”? Come on – obvious reference to Katniss Everdeen, right? Yeah … not so much.

When Entertainment Weekly asked Keys if her title had anything to do with the books or the film adaptations, the songstress revealed that no, it doesn’t, but not for lack of trying.

“It was such a shock when I heard about ‘The Hunger Games’ – I wasn’t aware of the book at that point. And I didn’t realize that, I guess, that’s what they call the one girl,” Keys said. “So we tried very hard to make it work and put the song in – and to put parts of what I was developing in with the movie. Anyway, obviously it came out way too early, so the timing wasn’t right. But no, it has nothing to do with ‘The Hunger Games.'”

Instead, it’s a reference to “that powerful feeling,” Keys said, noting that this “album represents a new me in every way.”

Understandable, considering that Keys is also a relatively new mom to son Egypt, nearly 2, whom she thinks might have to make a Blue Ivy-esque cameo on a song one of these days – or perhaps even team up with the Knowles-Carter progeny.

When EW joked about the prospect of a Blue Ivy/Egypt album, Keys responded with a laugh, “I’m telling you, I think that they’re going to have a big future.”

By Breeanna Hare – CNN

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