Thousands Of New Yorkers Attend Flash Feast In White

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NEW YORK, NY. (CNN) -  Forget black-and-white balls.  In New York on Monday night the most chic place to be was a secret flash-feast, resplendent in white.
 And by dressing En Blanc, the revelers can find one another in the urban crowds
CNN's Felicia Taylor explains.

I think it's going to be awesome. Just seeing everybody in white, seeing everybody out with the same purpose I saw it online somewhere, and we signed up, right away I said that sounds like something fun to do.  
We have no idea where we're going tonight and it's exciting.

And the mystery is about to unfold - along with hundreds of commuters in New York's rush hour traffic, is a sea of people dressed in white - who are going to that, as of now, unknown destination. All they know is they are heading to 72nd street - they have no idea yet where they are having dinner "En Blanc".  

Juggling tables, chairs, china, glassware, beverages, flowers and food - guests make their way via subway for the next leg of the journey and the mystery is solved! Here we are at New York’s Lincoln Center on the upper west side for what is being called the first viral feast... A sort of flash mob if you will, where literally thousands of people have come together at this very moment, on this night for what is a mass picnic. Up until now, for the last 20 years or so, it has been held in Paris - but this year it is now in 20 cities, on five continents: from New York to Singapore to Montreal to Sydney and Kigali: bon appétit.  

It brings together a lot of the various elements: the element of sharing, the element of spontaneity, doing something different - being a part of a group that has the same passion and pleasure for the food, environment and culture.  

It started very small with 200 people and from years to years - the party, the gathering, went bigger because friends were inviting other friends and so it grew like this very organically and now with social networks it helps to get bigger so big, this second event in New York had a waiting list of about 30,000 people. It is a non profit, non-sponsored event that costs a $25 per person to cover expenses and production costs.... The lucky three thousand who made the cut on a first come, first serve basis, officially kicked off the night with a wave of their white napkins.  

So what's for dinner?  
Filet mignon and salmon...
I bet he is having the filet mignon

Yes, I am  

Guests donned their finest to make a fashion statement too, with aviators, suspenders, hats, flowing dresses and yes, even dogs.  
This is Olivia and she is our malti-poo.  
Did you need special permission?
No, they just said as long as she is white and small we could bring her!!!
Rules are rules.. But as revelers partied into the night, there was one universal sentiment:

People are sharing; people are taking pictures of each other, complimenting each other's outfits,. they are all just having a good time.