Daycare Workers Arrested For Encouraging Toddlers To Fight

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DOVER, DE. (CNN) –  Three Delaware day care employees are being accused of encouraging toddlers to fight each other.  Dover police say they have a cell phone video as proof.  

Todd Quinones has the story.  

Police allege what went on inside this daycare center is painful to watch.  Two 3-year-olds children can be seen punching, and wailing on each other, as three daycare workers looked on.  

One even recorded the fight on her cellphone.  

Clearly, one of the children is crying and does not want to continue on and he is pushed back into the fray by one of the adults.
Dover Police Captain Tim Stump says 19 year-old Tiana Harris 21 year-old Estefania Myers and 47 year old Lisa Parker were working at the Hands of Our Future Daycare on South State Street in Dover when the fight occurred.  

He says the employees can obviously be seen and heard encouraging the fight as about ten other children sat and watched.  

Cristyl Slack says her four-year old daughter was in the room when the fight happened in March.  
That *bleep* me off because I feel as though my daughter is around anything I should have known that day.  

The fight video though, is not being shown to parents or the public because police say it’s evidence.  
I can’t ever believe it in a million years. I mean, I would have to see the proof to believe it.

Parents were invited Monday to be briefed by police on the investigation, which began this weekend, when an officer was first shown the cellphone video while working on an unrelated case.  
I do think it’s outrageous for you to provoke a three-year old to fight.   

The daycare has not responded to the allegations, but their business license has been suspended.