Police: Attempted Abduction In Columbia Was Made Up

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COLUMBIA, IL (KPLR)- On Friday evening, the Columbia Police Department received a complaint from an 11 year old boy and his older sister that a man had attempted to abduct the boy.  The boy provided a detailed description of the suspect and  even worked with an Illinois State Police sketch artist.  The description of the suspect and his vehicle was cycled through the media throughout the weekend.  Columbia Police followed up on several leads, but nothing led to a suspect.

On Sunday, detectives re-interviewed the older sister.  She admitted to not being with her 11 year old brother at the time of the reported incident.  On Monday morning, detectives re-interviewed the 11 year old boy.  It was determined that the attempted abduction never took place

In a news release, Columbia Police Chief Joseph Edwards stated that the department made this investigation their highest priority and added that they are extremely happy that an incident like this did not happen in their community. 

The Columbia Police Department will forward juvenile charges to the Monroe County State’s Attorney for review.

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