Jaco – Will Akin Drop Out?

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - That rumble you hear? That's extra 18 wheelers leaving the Tums factory downtown headed for Missouri Republican Party Headquarters. That's because what happened this weekend has upset both stomachs and plans.

The plan, of course, was for the republicans to take back control of the US senate this fall. A key to that strategy is defeating Missouri democratic senator Claire McCaskill. Politico.com listed McCaskill as the single most vulnerable US senator up for re-election this year. Mainly because of her close ties to President Obama and her support for health care reform aka ObamaCare.

Her opponent, republican congressman Todd Akin, holds a lead of about six points over McCaskill in the last poll taken in Missouri. But Akin's appearance on the Jaco Report on Sunday has suddenly caused major problems for his campaign. Akin, in case you hadn't heard, responded to a question about rape and abortion by saying a woman's body can somehow produce natural defenses to keep her from getting pregnant in some cases of rape.

Akin backed off the statement saying he misspoke. But not before the Romney campaign said it doesn't agree with him. Even GOP Missouri conservatives, like former treasurer Sarah Steelman said they were appalled. Steelman tweeted that what Akin said was, "inexcusable and insulting". The story went national and international. There were even internet suggestions akin withdraw from the race.

He probably won't. Although Missouri election laws gives him until 5pm Tuesday to drop out. Be will be replaced with the second-place finisher in the GOP primary John Brunner. Akin will stay on the ticket unless someone very very very high up in the republican party convinces him otherwise.

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